Official Supporting Businesses

In order to hold the title of Official Supporting Business of BYOC Bend, a business must have a commitment to educating employees and consumers about 1) the single-use cup issue and 2) the BYOC Bend movement. There is no fee to be a Supporting Business and it is unnecessary to change the cups a business currently uses. This is because ultimately, the most significant change will come from the consumers themselves. Businesses don

The Humble Beet

Newport Ave., Bend, OR

First Official BYOC Bend Supporting Business since March 2019

BYOC 10 times and the 11th drink is free

The Humble Beet is the first Official Supporting Businesses. It is one of the most unique coffee shops in Bend because it also acts as a local market and deli for its surrounding community. All drinks are served in a glass cup with a deposit which can be returned, unwashed, with a refund on the deposit. It’s not necessary for a businesses to change the cups they serve but the Humble Beet’s efforts have been recognized and it is why they will serve as the ideal model and goal for other businesses to be inspired by.


NW Wall St., Bend, OR

Official BYOC Bend Supporting Business since May 2019

BYOC for a $0.25 discount

Bellatazza is located in downtown Bend and has been committed to fostering relationships between their employees, local bakeries, customers and the community for over 20 years. Bring in your own cup and try a cup of coffee grown from one of Bellatazza’s patterning plantations in Guatemala.


Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe

135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend, OR

Official BYOC Bend Supporting Business since May 2019

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe was the first bookstore in the nation to donate 1% of their profit to local environmental nonprofits through the 1% for the Planet movement. Support Dudley’s environmental efforts further and experience their cozy bookshop by bringing in your own cup for a double-shot classic espresso drink (warm or iced), chai tea or even a beer or wine.


Strictly Organic Coffee Co.

6 SW Bond St., Bend, OR & 450 SW Powerhouse Dr., Bend, OR

Official BYOC Bend Supporting Business since May 2019

BYOC for a $0.20 discount

Since 1999, proud owners of Strictly Organic Coffee Company Richard and Rhonda have maintained their values of serving organic and fair trade foods and following environmentally sustainable practices. Strictly O has received many awards recognizing these environmental efforts and also to its commitment and support to its employees, customers and the rest of the Bend community. Enjoy all day breakfast, lunch or dinner with a cup of 100% certified organic and fair-trade coffee situated in a dynamic and upbeat environment at either the Box Factory of Old Mill location.

If you would like your business to become an official Supporting Business of BYOC Bend, contact or click the mail link below to learn more information and schedule a meeting. We would love to have your support in this movement!